Once i deploy vm from vcenter template its goes to pending stage

some time when i deploy vm from vcenter template goes to pending stage and after long wait it not even start boot .

Hi Ranveer!
quoting the docs(http://docs.opennebula.org/5.2/operation/vm_management/vm_instances.html?highlight=scheduler#virtual-machine-life-cycle): “By default a VM starts in the pending state, waiting for a resource to run on. It will stay in this state until the scheduler decides to deploy it, or the user deploys it using the onevm deploy command.”

Maybe those VMs require more resources than you have available in your clusters, perhaps a typo in memory or cpu, or you require a cluster or datastore that is not available…

If you go to the template tab of your VM look for the SCHED_MESSAGE element, it would provide you information about why the scheduler couldn’t deploy the VM, in my example I’ve tried to create a VM that requires more memory than I’ve on my hosts. And this is the message:

So you should start checking your VMs to find out what prevents the scheduler to deploy the VM.


Thanks for you replay going foreword i will check the message