How Virtual Router works in Opennebula 5.2?

This is virtual router setup:

  1. virtual n/w1 (10 series)
  2. virtual n/w2(20 series)
  3. virtual router (20.42, 10.11)
  4. vm192 virtual n/w1 (20.43)
  5. vm193 virtual n/w2 (10.12)

I want to ping or connect to vm193 from vm192 (20 to 10 series). Now i am able ping virtual n/w2 gateway from vm192 not able to ping virtual n/w1 gateway of vm193. How to achieve this? Do i need give static routing?

I have used alpine-router (KVM) image from Marketplace. What is the username and password to login into router vm vnc server?

Hello, check my post Contribution: Vrouter enhacements and load ballancing