I need a good tutorial to deploy a ONE in just 1 server

I have just installed a debian 10 host. And I want to install all in one server, to kvm and lxd VMs.
And I did it! But I can’ t run neither a kvm nor a lxd VM. I got failure.

deb https://downloads.opennebula.io/repo/5.12/Debian/10 stable opennebula

apt install opennebula opennebula-sunstone opennebula-gate opennebula-flow opennebula-node opennebula-node-lxd default-mysql-server

All right, I got the SunStone ok.

But I need a step by step tutorial to create virtual machines. With all details to do it. Including the virtual bridge creation…

Thank you in advance!

I suggest you try minione for an easy all-in-one setup.