Image size not reflected in Sunstone after resize

I got an image where the size is 30G during the image registration. Therefore Suntone shows the size as 30G as well. Now, i resize the image to 50G using qemu-img command, but the new size is not reflected in Sunstone. How do i make sunstone re-read the new image size?

One 4.12.1
Image DS: Ceph/RBD

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The only way to do that is to stop opennebula and edit the database by hand. In 4.14 though, this should be fixed. If you have the latest contextualisation scripts and ONE 4.14 it will do te resize for you.

Hi @stefan,

Thank you. For now, i will edit the DB directly and will test the ONE 4.14 once GA released.

BTW, im using one-context_4.10.0 and believe this is the latest version.

There’s a newer version, not yet official, though:

It will become official once 4.14 get’s released. This context does support resizing, but as stefan pointed out, OpenNebula/Sunstone won’t notice.


Thanks, Is there a tool that can be used to update the value in DB without stopping the ONE?

Unfortunately not…

We have the same issue when we need to resize a VM disk. It is annoying to work outside ONE to resize a disk.

Why ONE would not let resize VM disk itself? (ex. www interface :wink:
Of course you must shutdown the machine, but this feature will be very useful because makes VM lifecycle complete inside the ONE system.

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Hi Gabriel,

Currently you can resize the disk upon deployment. I’ve filled an issue to
consider you suggestion:


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Thank you very much!

It would be very useful because the VM disk resize is a common task and is very annoying not to use the OpenNebula system to manage it.

This feature enhances opennebula because provide all VM disk management inside your solution and avoiding use other alternatives that already provide this functionality built-in.

Best regards & happy new year!