Import a ceph rbd?

can one import a rbd/image from an attached ceph storage? I need to migrate VMs from an older cluster.
I just see no way to make ON aware of the image.

Hi @superxor,

In my scripts of restore a Ceph image backuped, I follow this steps:

  • Create new VM with same configurations of backuped VM
  • Delete images of new VM
  • Import backuped Ceph image with same name of images of new VM (deleted).

Some configurations should be validate: Disk size, VM configurations, etc.

Hope this helps


Doesn’t sound very safe if the image size is not perfectly the same no?
It’s a hack yea, might work

Exactlly, the images should have the same size. It’s should be validated.
In my backup scripts, I save VM parameters (field “body” of vm_pool table) for constructing the same VM for import the backup.