How to Retrieve VM disk.0 from Ceph Storage

For File system based Storage backend, the VM disk are located in "/var/lib/one/datastores/0/VM_ID/disk.0"
we are able to copy the disk.0 from the above path.

We want to copy disk.0 for VM which uses the Ceph Storage.

For example we use the following command to enquire about VM ID 1294 which uses image ID 358
ceph osd map one one-358-1294-0

We would like to copy the VM ID 1294 disk.0.
Is there any command or procedure to retrive objects stored in Ceph?

Request help in this regards.


You can use import/export ceph commands.

rbd export -p [pool_name] [image_name] [path]
rbd import --dest-pool [pool_name] [path] [image_name]

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