Incorrect MySQL client library version

When attempting to run: onedb fsck
I get the following error, can someone help on what I should do here?

Incorrect MySQL client library version! This gem was compiled for 5.5.47-MariaDB but the client library is 10.1.17-MariaDB.

Any idea, should I not use MariaDB 10.1?

Can you try running install_gems again?

That was the first thing I tried. It didn’t help. Any thing else I can try?

what distro are you using? from you handle I assume debian? can you gist a dpkg -l and gem list ?

I am using Centos 7?

Gem list:

rpm -qa:

possibly the issue is that the mysql gem does not support mariadb 10. You can try with the mysqlplus gem. Install it and replace this line:

$ grep -n "require.*mysql" /usr/lib/one/ruby/onedb/onedb.rb
38:                require 'mysql'

with mysqlplus.

In any case, note that as far as OpenNebula goes, it officially supports only the version included in the distro, which is not mariadb 10.

Ok, thank you. I will switch to that version then.