IOPS Bursting for disks

Since QEMU 2.6 there is also the option to burst IOPS. I think this would be a nice feature.


I already tried to add these options via RAW data but had no chance. I think this would have to be implemented directly on disk level via config option in sunstone? What do you think about it?




I am also interested in such feature.
I found that 3 issues related to this need are opened on Redmine ticketing system:

Thank you for your assistance on this topic


Hey Jean-Philippe,

that would be great. We are not using the redmine anymore. So the correct way is to go to github and the ticket you mentioned.

I also don’t know anything about the progress there as the devs are really quiet regarding new features or a roadmap.

Indeed redmine is deprecated, the new way to promote features is opening an issue on github.
You can check the roadmap on github on milestones for 5.6 and 5.8:

Here you can clearly see what we are working on at the moment. Opened issues that are not ready for the release are posponed obviously.

How we organise the roadmap, you can find in the following link:
Please proceed and open an issue, we will label it with high priority.

Regards, Diego.

Thank you @dcorral3 and @tobx for your feedbacks. I keep in mind Redmine is deprecated for now.

When I check 5.6 and 5.8 Roadmaps, I do not find while it is flag as “High” Priority.
As the issue is already open, I think it is not necessary to open a new one. Am I right ?

Thank you for your assistance.


Not all feature requests are included in OpenNebula’s roadmap, we evaluate the requested features and add them based on their interest for the community and our available resources. After 5.6 we’ll define 5.8’s roadmap and we’ll evalute the inclusion of this particular feature.

However if you want to ensure its inclusion in 5.8 (since 5.6 is already in feature freeze), I recommend you check the following link:

Bests, Diego

You do not have to open a new issue @jpfoures. But it would be nice if the OpenNebula team could give a statement. Several people are interested in this feature and all major cloud platform support such a feature. We are lacking behind here…

Thank you for you prompt answer

Great news!
We have added this feature as a milestone for 5.8 as there is no time for including it in 5.6.

Cheers, Diego.

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Thank you @dcorral3

@dcorral3 do you have any information for us about the general timelines? When can we expect 5.6 and 5.8?

Yes of course!
5.6 is planned for May 2018 and 5.8 for the last quarter of the year.

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@tobx @jpfoures Great news!

The development is over and this enhancement will be included in OpenNebula 5.6.



Thank you @dcorral3!

Great news indeed