Testing the new Oracle Cloud driver for cloud-bursting


Working with Rice University, we have built the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) driver for OpenNebula to help bring the hybrid and multi-cloud experience to University users.

It’s now ready for testing and we’d appreciate your help. Here is the link to the driver instructions - GitHub - OpenNebula/addon-oracle-cloud-infrastructure. Please give it a test and share your feedback, including letting us know about anything that doesn’t seem to work as it should.

We appreciate your help and are excited to be part of the OpenNebula community!

Versions of the related components and OS (frontend, hypervisors, VMs):
OpenNebula version 5.12

Steps to reproduce:
Follow the instructions mentioned here - GitHub - OpenNebula/addon-oracle-cloud-infrastructure.

Expected results:
OpenNebula can burst into Oracle Cloud and launch VMs without any error.

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Hello everyone!

Here you have some more details about this amazing code contribution by Oracle, which has now been incorporated into our Add-on Catalog as a new open source cloud-bursting driver! :arrow_down:

Special thanks to Alison Derbenwick (Vice President, Oracle for Research) and Yash Lamba (Senior Cloud Engineer, Oracle) for writing this nice blog post, and also to Anup Ojah (Senior Manager, Global HPC Cloud Engineering, Oracle) and Dhvani Sheth (Solutions Engineer, Oracle) for helping to make this possible! :clap: