Integration with private clouds

Hello, my name is Facundo from Argentina.

On my company we have different types of Private Clouds, for example, Oracle Database PDBaaS, Oracle Weblogic, vmware vrealize, etc. So I would like to know if the software Open Nebula, is useful to have an only “Self Service Portal” for the users that request a Server with Oracle Database, or a Server with Oracle Weblogic, or a Server with Apache.


Hi Facundo,

Yes, you can create server “Templates” with disk images pre-configured with
the requested software stack (DB, Apache, etc…). Users can then
instantiate servers of each type. You can further integrate it to perform
auto-configuration tasks at boot time. For example a DB server Template,
can be customize to bootstrap the DB with custom data (for each user…).
Not fully sure if this answers your question.


Hi Ruben, thanks for your answer.

And how can connect Open Nebula to Oracle Cloud Control 12c? Is there any connector to use PDBaaS ?

Thanks again.

PD: Ruben, do you speak spanish?

Sorry, I think I misunderstood your question. The list of supported
hypervisors and cloud platforms are listed in the main OpenNebula site, but
basivally KVM, vCenter, EC2, Azure. Also from the add-on catalog you can
get support to other platforms, like Xen, LXC, SoftLayer… AFAIK there is
no support for Oracle Cloud Control

Thank you Ruben.