Best currently available way to integrate two ONE clouds

There are two opennebula (both v4.10.2) clouds deployed in two different geographically separated organisations. We would like to integrate them to let users registered in one cloud be able to use via Sunstone resources of another one and vice versa.
Am I right the best way to do that is “[cloud bursting][1]” approach? If it is so then what driver (EC2, SoftLayer or Azure) does fit such needs best?


Cloud bursting to another OpenNebula is not supported. You may be interested in a Federation configuration instead.


Carlos Martín writes:


Cloud bursting to another OpenNebula is not supported. You may be
interested in a [Federation configuration][1] instead.

But it’s specified in the documentation of cloud bursting[1]:

“Cloud bursting is a model [...] or a partner infrastructure running
a different OpenNebula instance.”



Data Center Federation (DCF) doesn’t fit our needs since all clouds apart from “master” one have to be in read-only mode and “share the same user accounts, groups, and permissions configuration”. We need to have more flexible solution.
And as Daniel wrote above the documentation states it’s possible to use cloud bursting to integrate two ONE clouds.


We have a ticket for an OpenNebula to OpenNebula cloudbursting in the long term roadmap, but it’s not yet supported. The documentation was outdated, I’ve changed it now.

That sentence must come from a few years ago when we had the OpenNebula -> Deltacloud and Deltacloud -> OpenNebula drivers.

Sorry for the confusion.

Thank you, Carlos, for a quick replies and detailed explanation! I will try to evaluate other possible solutions.

Carlos, how long can it approximately take to have such feature in stable OpenNebula release? Will such integration be based on OCCI or something else (e.g. pure OpenNebula API)?


I don’t know when we will implement it, or in what release, sorry.
And we haven’t started to design it, but I think we will probably use our ruby api.


Carlos, wouldn’t it be more general solution to develop such driver for clouds integration based on OCCI instead of OpenNebula API? Wouldn’t OCCI driver implementation let to integrate ONE installation with other clouds based on different platforms such as OpenStack, CloudStack, etc, which support OCCI?

Yes, that’s a valid point. As I said, we haven’t started to really design it, so we may end up going for the generic route you mention.

Thanks for your feedback.

Hello Carlos is there any prediction for the beginning of the development, which version of OpenNebula that will be included? this was a great feature, and we are also interested in trying.


We currently don’t have an implementation plan for this feautre. It’s somthing that will happen probably after 4.14 (the next release). We’ll keep you updated.

Cheers and thanks for the feedback