Is it a good idea to have /var/lib/one on a shared storage and mount it on boot on every host?


I have an OpenNebula setup with ceph datastore only. Also I’ve put /var/lib/one/datastore on the cephfs and mounted it on boot. But after a while I’ve decided to put all /var/lib/one to cephfs and mount this path. In this case I don’t need to update used-based configuration on all HA front-end hosts, I can easily share info between hosts and so on. I haven’t found any downsides yet, but would like to ask if this is a good practice? What did I forget? This cluster is in a test, but will become production soon.

P.S. I would also share /etc/one between HA front-end hosts, but can’t figure out how to keep individual parts of oned.conf and share the rest.

One thing that I can think of are updates. When you update one node it changes some files in /etc/one and also in /var/lib/one, which can cause problems on other running nodes.

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Thanks to mention!

Yes, I though about that. During fresh installation of ONE frontend it didn’t touch files there, but I will need to check this carefully during major update.