Is it possible to live migrate firecracker VMs?

As there are lightweight VMs this should be possible, right? Anyway it would be cool if it is. Although the container concept is that they should not hold any state, this might not always the case.

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Hello @stefan,

Currently Firecracker microVMs cannot be live migrated. You can use the poweroff migrate which will take care of poweroff the microVM, migrate it, and resume it on the new host.

Once Firecracker snapshot are released, we will try to achieve something similar to a live migrate by performing a microVM snapshots and resume the microVM from that snapshot in the new host, taking into account the fast boot times provided by Firecracker this approach should be almost a live migrate but it still wont be a live migrate.

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So this adds more weight on this feature request?

Hi @atodorov_storpool,

yes, we will take that into account! It seems a really useful feature.