Is it possible to show the ID for the image when looking a template?

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When looking a template through the user/admin views is not showed the ID for the image disk configured on the template tab, it is only showed the name but this can be confused when users import the same image from the market place. Is there any simple way to configure to show the ID and the name for the image on the template view?

I was looking in the sunstone views but I did not find any related to this.

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Hi @esfreire,
You can update your template to show IMAGE_ID from sunstone view.

Steps to folow from sunstone view:

  1. Select your template
  2. Click on ‘update’ button
  3. Click on ‘storage’ tab in ‘wizard’ view
  4. Select your image and then click ‘Advanced options’ below
  5. In the advanced options, type the ‘id’ of your image
  6. Click update on top.
    That’s it. Now your template shows your image_id.
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Hi @thomasalrin

Thank you very much for your detailed explanation about how to get this :smile:

I would prefer it was automatically, I mean when an image is selected the IMAGE_ID field is also fill it with the ID for this image. But in any case, I think we will take this approach at the moment.

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Yes, i also prefer to have the ID instead the name. In ONE 4.2, it populate ID only, but in ONE 4.12, it populate NAME only. Any specific reason why this changed?

@thomasalrin, any quick workaround for this?

Note: This is same behavior for VNET.

Hi @anandharaj
Sorry, i don’t know the reason, and i don’t find any quick workaround for this. I’m using ONE4.12, and i’m ok with it.

Best regards,
Thomas Alrin

The reason is because if you delete the image, and upload a new one with the same name, any templates referencing the old image, will continue to work with the new image. It’s more convenient I think.

@jmelis, On the other hand, if the image required to be renamed, then the template need to be updated as well. For big environment where got many Sys Admin manage the ONE, might face issue when someone renamed the image - from template point of view, we lost the ability to trace.

That’s true… Could you please open a feature request to select whether to reference a disk by ID or by name in Sunstone?


OK, will do