Tidy up images & templates mess

if you have a couple of people working with a one cloud, and don’t have a thought through schema of how everyone should name his templates in the cloud, you end up whith quite a mess. Especially it’s pretty hard to see which image belongs to which template, or does it even belong to a template?

Are there any plans on the roadmap to implement something like “folders” or “containers” to put in images to tidy this up a little bit. Or some kind of view where images that belong to one template are grouped together?

In the meantime: How do you guys keep your images and templates in order? The only thing I could think of is to have kind of naming schemes.

Give me your thoughts!


Are you using the GUI? Check out the LABEL tags in Sunstone, it may be useful for your use case.

actually i more often use the CLI but Labels in Sunstone sounds like a great thing!!! thanks a lot for this information!

maybe we hack the labels feature into the cli commands somehow? :wink:

Nice feature but it would be more useful if it would also show the Labels somehow in the main view. It only shows them in the sidebar.

Anyway, I forgot where I could put feature requests for the next version. I am sure you can help out here Tino :slight_smile:

http://dev.opennebula.org :wink:

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