iSCSI libvirt datastore not working as expected

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Versions of the related components and OS (frontend, hypervisors, VMs):
At the time I am using Opennebula 5.8.1, frontend installed in dedicated 16GBRAM16 core server, nodes are heterogeneous with resources from 16GB to 64 and cores from 8-32. Each server has an internal 1TB hard drive.
I want to use an external dell scv2020 storage. This storage basically exports one single LUN with multi path support. I intend to create 2 volumes there, one with 100GB for images and another with 3 TB for system. To my understanding image datastore stores the non deployed disk images, and system contains metadata and actual vm deployed image. I created an image datastore using the GUI in the sunstone pannel, with icsi-libvirt driver. I also created a pool in the hosts, with KVM and virsh with the following settings:



the pool shows as active and mounted in the host. however, I don’t know how to link it with ONE so the VMs are deployed there.
When I try to deploy a VM with an image in the iscsi-libvirt image datastore, I get the error: datastore does not support ssh transfer mode. The VM stays in pending state forever.
Any help with this folks?
Thankful already!