Opennebula iSCSi Datastore Capacity at 1MB

Hi All,

I have recently deployed Opennebula Front End Server on top of KVM ( on Ubuntu 20.04 ).
I have old EqualLogic Storage which is serving as SAN via iSCSI

When I mount the iSCSI LUN on KVM directly, its working as expected in KVM
but when I mount it on openNebula through libvirt-iscsi it shows as 1MB capacity and does not work.

Any recommendations ? Appreciate your help on this.


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Hi @sagar184,

The behaviour you’re seeing is explained in the documentation:

“As this Datastore is just a container for existing devices, images does not take any size from it. All devices registered will render a size of 0 and the overall devices Datastore will show up with 1MB of available space”

Are you seeing any specific error when you try to deploy a VM using the iSCSI device?