Its possible to prevent moving images from hosts on vm stop?

Hi all,

I have a 1TB disk image attached to a VM. In fact, 4 1TB to 4 vm’s. I need this big file systems for BigData cluster. When I stop the images, the hole 1TB its moved back to Image DS on the FrontEnd taking forever to last.

My configuration is:

oneadmin@kcldsrv1:/var/log/one$ onedatastore list
  ID NAME                SIZE AVAIL CLUSTER      IMAGES TYPE DS      TM      STAT
   0 system            196.7G 94%   -                 0 sys  -       shared  off
   1 default           196.7G 94%   KataClust         2 img  fs      shared  on  
   2 files             196.7G 94%   KataClust         0 fil  fs      ssh     on  
 100 local_system           - -     KataClust         0 sys  -       ssh     on  
 101 local_image       393.6G 95%   KataClust         1 img  fs      ssh     on  

So images are copied from Image ds 1 (shared) on FrontEnd, to system ds 100 (ssh) on hosts. When vm’s are stopped, images are moved back to FrontEnd.

I need to keep vm disk images on hosts when I stop the vm’s. In my current project I have a cluster of 20 nodes with 8 TB storage each. Thinking of moving to a cloud solution, I cant imagine the need of a FileSystem with 160TB just to stop the nodes …

is there any way to keep images on hosts?


Hi Jesus,

AFAIK on PowerOff the VM is stopped and left on the node.

Kind Regards,
Anton Todorov

Thanks, Anton.

I just need to make sure anyone undeploy the vm’s.


Hi Jesus,

I am not sure about the cli tools but in the sunstone you can disable some actions. You can tweak the sunstone views via their configuration. Check /etc/one/sunstone-views/*.yaml

Anton Todorov