Doubt/issue about pausing VMs

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I have a doubt about pausing VMs, according to the documentation and as far I understand, when a VM is paused with “undeploy” or “stop” commands, the Virtual Machine disks are transferred back to the system datastore.

Therefore, I understand if I pause a VM with the “stop” command and then I delete it with the “delete” command, last changes on the VM should have been saved on the ON repository for this image, is that right or am I understand it wrong?

In case I understand it right, when I pause a VM with the “stop” command, I don’t see any change on the image saved on the ON repository:

onevm list
[ … ]
600 testesfreire testing-esfreire testing_beta_issue_secondPHASE stop 0 0K 0d 00h18

[oneadmin@opennebula4 ~]$ ll /var/lib/one//datastores/104/fb44769056854de151a540ae2cccf1b1
-rw-r–r-- 1 oneadmin oneadmin 2385117184 Jun 25 12:28 /var/lib/one//datastores/104/fb44769056854de151a540ae2cccf1b1

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The Images are saved only when the VM is shutdown. Note that stop is the
same as suspend but not tied to the host. Not that peristent images can
reflect changes depending on the storage backed (e.g. shared fs)

Hi @ruben

Thank you very much for your answer :smile: