Keyboard for noVNC under SUNSTONE


I’ve installed ONE 4.12, and I’m working with vCenter 5.1.

But I’ve a problem: my VNC (or noVNC) works fine except the keyboard layout.

I’ve configured the template with GRAPHICS=[keyboard=“es”,…] but I didn’t get it fine.

Have yo any idea?


Hi there,

If you access the vCenter directly, and launch the VM console, is the keymap functioning fine?

BTW, please note that ONE 4.12 only supports vCenter 5.5, although this issue should not be related with the version of vCenter, there might be other operations that ill fail because of this.

Yes, in my (sorry, I was wrong) vCenter 5.5 the keyboard is working ok. It types spanish characters without problem.

I entered in VMWare vCenter and select the machine (do it for the template, too).

In “Edit settings”, enterd in “Options” tab and select the group “Advanced” and subgroup “General”. At the right, the button “Configuration Parameters…”.

Once in that point, I’ve added the label: “remotedisplay.vnc.keymap” with the value “es”. Restarting the VM everything works.


Support for keymap in vCenter is an interesting feature, we will tackle that for future versions.

Thanks for your detailed feedback!