Kubernetes ingress-controller like tool

Hello all,
I have been trying out Opennebula. I am wondering if there is a tool like Kubernetes’ ingress-controller. Basically if a request for a domain comes to a virtual machine/load balancer it would route to a corresponding virtual machine. I tried it manually with virtual machine with nginx but it was so much work and I also have to restart nginx every time I create a new domain and a virtual machine. Is there tool or module that does something similar to this, or if there is not what would be the best way to going about it. Thank you


I believe you could try looking at Virtual Network Functions (VNF) and Virtual Router — OpenNebula 6.6.1 documentation. There is SDNAT4 feature or you could use the LB (it’s LVS NAT or DR) and operate it using OneGate (or statically). It’s not that convenient as K8S ingress, but at least it’s somewhat automated. :thinking: