Logrotate doesn't work for econe-server or sunstone

We are using a script that came with the epostone puppet module to rotate the logs from
oned and sched.

[root@fclheadgpvm01 logrotate.d]# cat /etc/logrotate.d/oned
/var/log/one/*.log {
killall -HUP oned
killall -HUP mm_sched

We tried to modify it to also send a HUP to sunstone-server and econe-server
so that those logs would also rotate, but it doesn’t work. the log files of econe-server and sunstone-server
get moved to the location with a date on them but econe and sunstone keep on writing to the old
file handles respectively. Is there anything we can do to make these log files rotate as well? I asked
this on the mailing list a couple of months ago and there was no answer at that time.

Steve Timm