LXCoNe. New VM and IM drivers for LXC

Hi!! We are working on a driver for LXC, virtualization and monitoring driver. It should be ready for testing in our servers in a couple of days. It currently supports SSH and Shared TM drivers for the datastores. We are also creating lxc system images ready to use. We would like to upload this as an addon. We saw an addon-lxc in the GitHub, but for several reasons we started building a new one from scratch. Please, tell us if this could be integrated as an official addon and your opinion.
Sergio Vega Gutiérrez (sergiojvg92@gmail.com)
José Manuel de la Fé Herrero (jmdelafe92@gmail.com)


That’s great!

I can create you a repository in the OpenNebula github organization. Just tell me the name you want for the repo and your github usernames to give you permissions.


We where talking with our tutor and she would like to make some changes before uploading it. We also want to make a guide. Until now this is working fine, we are adding support for a few more things. We’ll definitely upload it in 15 days, more or less, if you want you can create a repository, or wait a few more days it will be great


We are currently working on ONE LXC support too!
RDlab-UPC and CSUC are developing and testing the VM part.

We will contact you in order to coordinate our efforts :smile:

Do not hesitate in contacting us at: rdlab@cs.upc.edu

Best regards,


Hi. We are ready to upload this drivers. If you can create the repository it will be great. The name could be lxcone. Our users are sergiojvg and jmdelafe

The repository is now created. I gave you both admin permissions in that repo so you can change the description, etc.

Tell me if you need to give write permissions to any other user or need some help with any other issue.

An improved version has just been uploaded. Any issue or question please contact us.

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