LXDoNe version 1707 released


The LXDoNe team is happy to announce a big update. For the new ones, LXDoNe is an add-on that allows OpenNebula to manage LXD containers, you can read more on Opennebula’s blog.

We have to give many thanks to Akihiko Ota, our new official contributor, for the MANY pull requests made.
These are the major improvements we made:
-Improved performance
-Greatly reduced deployment times (40-60%)
-You can now choose to deploy privileged or unprivileged containers from OpenNebula
-Improved logs
-Fixed VNC issue
-Improved contextualization
-You can deploy containers inside containers (nested virtualization)

We are happy to say this driver has been working smoothly for almost a year now in our datacenter in Universidad Tecnológica de La Habana José Antonio Echeverría. We have 47 containers deployed in 6 old servers with Intel Xeon L5420 and 16GB of RAM each and resources abound. This amount of resources weren’t nearly enough when we were using KVM. We literally turned off almost a fourth of our datacenter with the migration to LXD.

Also, we want to thanks Xavier Peralta Ramos for his presentation, we have taken many of his suggestions for the roadmap. And speaking about roadmap these are the most important features we are currently focusing on:
-LVM support
-More here

Any sugestions you have or bugs you might find will be greatly appreciated. You can contact us via email:
Daniel Clavijo Coca - dann1telecom@gmail.com
José Manuel de la Fé Herrero - jmdelafe92@gmail.com
Sergio Vega Gutiérrez - sergiojvg92@gmail.com
or open an issue on github.


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This looks excellent! congrats!

Wonderful work!
Great to know it brought such large savings, too

Thank you very much for your work. Very good news for those who wants to use LXD.