Releasing LXCoNe v1.0, first stable version

We are pleased to announce the first stable release of LXCoNe addon. We have been powering half of our University’s infrastructure over LXC and CEPH for over two weeks now, and everything is working fine, so we are starting to migrate the other half to OpenNebula. Several features have been added, you can check them here. We’ll keep working adding new features and fixing bugs. Thanks to @valentin_bud and @atodorov_storpool for the tips related to the monitoring information from this addon.

Any question or bug you find please contact us.
Jose Manuel de la Fé Herrero -
Sergio Vega Gutiérrez -



Great news!

If you want to write a post in our blog just tell me and I’ll create an account for you.

That would be great. We will start soon to write an article.

By the way, as you know, there are several things that change between HVM and OS-Level Virtualization. According to what we have seen, OpenNebula was built with HVM hypervisors in mind, so there are some features that OpenNebula could implement in the future that we think will greatly improve support for OS-level hypervisors. If you want, we can also write some of this ideas and our experiences and send them to you.

I’ve just created you a user in You should receive an email to pick your password.

We tried to make OpenNebula agnostic of the underlying technologies but when the project started the only supported hypervisors were Xen and KVM. This probably biased the way we manage VM objects.

Now is the prefect time to tell us what should be changed to accommodate new hypervisors as we are preparing the release 5.0. Can you elaborate a bit what are the changes you have in mind?

We will start to elaborate the changes we have in mind. How do i send them to you? By the way, I didn’t receive the email with the password. Did you send it to

I’ve sent you an email with a temporary password. Send me a note if there is any trouble with it.

For the ideas about what can we change to accommodate new hypervisors I think the best place is this forum. Even other people can join the conversation and give more ideas about it.

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