LXDoNe version 5.2-4.1 released


The LXDoNe team is pleased to announce a new release of LXDoNe driver. In this version we focused on improved usability and release a new Virtual Appliance. Also there’s a new guide to build a custom image to use with this version. There’s a poll bugfix.

With this release we changed the add-on’s naming system. Now the numbers before “-” are the OpenNebula’s version used for development and provided support. The numbers after “-” are the versions of the add-on itself.

Our priorities right now are:

  • OpenNebula 5.4 Medusa compatibility
  • Network bandwidth limitation
  • Keep improving usability :slight_smile:

Any sugestions you have or bugs you might find will be greatly appreciated. You can contact us via email:

Sergio Vega Gutiérrez - sergiojvg92@gmail.com
Daniel Clavijo Coca - dann1telecom@gmail.com
José Manuel de la Fé Herrero - jmdelafe92@gmail.com

or open an issue on github.

Kind regards


New virtual appliance for LXDoNe is available in OpenNebula’s marketplace. Check it here