Marketplaces not respecting **DEFAULT_UMASK**

DEFAULT_UMASK setting in oned.conf sets default mask for any resource created in OpenNebula, but market’s monitor do not respect that when importing apps (monitoring with discovery). In this case, permissions for apps that will be created are hardcoded here:

This is an uncomfortable behavior since this limits the use of marketplaces on multitenant clusters, since I might want to have a marketplace where all the scanned apps are only shown to specific users.

I am leaving this here since I do not know if this is a bug. If it is the intentional behavior, it is not needed since OpenNebula comes with a default ACL allowing ALL users to USE all market apps.

Users could create a hook perhaps (not sure if possible in this case), or constantly scan and change apps permissions, buuuuttt…this is extremely ugly and inefficient.