Migrate Existing Users/Groups/Resources to VDC

We have upgraded from 4.8 to 4.12 and want to take advantage of the new VDC functionality. Is there a way to migrate existing users and groups into a new VDC? Additionally can we migrate quotas with the existing users and groups? The current options in sunstone or from the CLI are not very clear, from my perspective, on how this accomplished.


During the upgrade process to 4.12, onedb created a VDC for each group. But you can move around groups without restrictions, see here. Users do not belong directly to a VDC, you put users in a group, and then put that group into a VDC.

If the VDC/groups organization is not clear, this doc may help.

The quotas are not related to the VDC. Quotas are linked to individual users or groups. If you move a group to a new VDC, the group quotas don’t change. The same goes for users, you can move the users to a new group and the individual user quotas stay the same.