Multiple hosts serving rersources to one vm

Hi guys another question getting there slowly

just need some insight on this just point me in the right direction and i will research and trying to get it to work.

say if i had 2 hosts with these configs can i allocate a vm to share resources from both vm like so

1 host
8cpu ------------ 6cpu--------= =
32ram ----------12gb ram-------= =
-------------------------------------------= = = vm = 12cpu x 32gbram
1 host…= =
8cpu-------------6cpu------- = =
32ram----------12gb ram-= =

so basically i pool the resources from two of three host to scale the vm if it becomes resource intensive or am i limited to the resources of a vm from the host so the vm will never go over say
1 host
32gb ram

or is this what services elasticity

some advise please so i know if i should be enlightening and get my head around elasticity i would like to know how you scale past the capacity of the host before i try to work out how i achieve this.

Thanks in advance

Good afternoon, the hypervisor layer is supposed to split capacity from a single host, it’s not designed to merge hardware capacity from different hosts.

The defacto standard is to split the workload horizontally (many VM sharing the load in your case). There are other tools designed to merge hardware resources, but have their specific uses and requirements, so without know much about your usecase I can only tell you: “merging physical resources using a VM hypervisor cannot be done”

Ok cool thanks that clears things up for me.

I was thinking just in case it was the case that i had to increase resources past the host size after i have separated the db on different machines and the only other option was to increase size.

just seeing what the option was other then migrating the vm to a bigger host because i dont want to be stuck and it happens one day it more then likely wont as i think 8cpu and 32gb ram is sufficient to host one vm just for one sites web files and another host for the websites db.

im just getting a contingency plan together as i dont want to be left scratching my head wondering what to do if it does exceed the host capacity.

thanks for the reply this clarifies things for me