Host allocation/stats not updating

I’ve got a few hosts running 6.0 ATM - when I create/migrate a VM the ‘RVMs’ and CPU allocation (memory too but I don’t notice that as much) increases, but these never decrease - I have 9 vms atm but according to the hosts-tab I’ve got 13

This is also represented via the command line using onehost list - nothing is broken as such but it’d be nice to work out why it’s misbehaving

appears to only be 6.0 - my other cluster running 6.2 is fine :person_shrugging:

Keep in mind that 6.0 is no longer supported. Upgrading to 6.2 and troubleshooting from there is a better way.

ah that’s fair - I’m going to rebuild on new hardware to 6.2 (awaiting some SSD’s hah) so I’ll just wait it out