Multiple vnm on hosts , broken

Hi, Now i have bit wierd setup… I have three sort of networks . 1) Public IP 2) Private IP and 3) GRE tunnel OVS based

for first 2 VNM driver (dummy) works
for third we need vnm driver (ovswitch)…

Now how to create hosts with different vnm drivers and based on network selected launch appropriate script-

as it seems currently vnm driver bind to host i think it should bind to network .

any idea ?

Yes you are right, this is currently not supported.

any hack i can do now ? like for .e…g if i want to see in scrip such as

if bridge name is ovs-br0 than use this vnm dirver else use dummy … any hint ?

You can write a meta-driver, based on a network attribute (or the network
name… ) execute the actual driver.

and any guide for that ? i cna code in ruby ,shell and python

I don’t think so, you can take one of the existing ones and see how
arguments are handled, once you get the VNET is just a matter of checking
the argument and call again the pre-post-clean action of the target driver
with the very same arguments…

Good Luck