Network: do not reuse MAC until range is used up


I have a virtual network defined as Ethernet to use our local DHCPd.
Basically this works like a charm but we have one little issue with the way the MACs are assigned. As soon as a MAC gets free again it gets reused for the next instance which is correct and working. There is just this little annoyance that we set our host names based on the MAC which leads to new guests showing up with the name of the old one. This is technically correct and working but leads to some user irritations when the same host name is another guest a bit later.

Is there an option to assign MAC addresses like using the full range and going back to the start only when the end was reached? I did not find anything in the docu but maybe there still is some switch?

I have to add that this is in no way a real problem and i have multiple ways to work around that but it would still be nice.


Sorry at the moment this cannot be configured,

In OpenNebula 5.2 a new IPAM driver will be added, which will allow the administrator to hook up OpenNebula to an external IPAM to handle the leases. We currently have no specific integration to deliver what you’re asking, but with the help of this driver it would be very easy to accomplish that.

Thx for your answers ruben and jmelis!
I can work around that easily so no problem at all. I’ll have a deeper look into the IPAM module as well.