Same AR with different IDs within a VNET

Hi all

We have detected that is possible to generate the same AR (same IP, MAC and lease number) several times within the same VNET, OpenNebula does not complain about that just creates a new one with a different ID.

Is this done on purpose? It’s quite confusing because OpenNebula does not detect if the same AR is already available from the db and does not display any error message.


Yes, the idea is that you can group different AR’s logically in the same VNET. Each AR could have a different VLAN_ID, and hence the same IP range.

Probably we can add some parameter to the add AR operation like --force to allow overlapping AR’s but still accommodate the original use case. Does it make sense?

Hi @ruben

Ah ok thanks a lot, now it makes sense. During our tests we were creating (by mistake) the same template with same VLAN_ID , IPs, MACs and lease number. I don’t know if a --force option is required, maybe just check if the same template is already there… but I’m not sure if there is a use case where you need the same template with different AR IDs.

btw I think that this issue is also related with this question:

Thanks in advance!

To add to this thread - we are using this feature of overlapping ARs to override mac addresses (albeit not an identical duplicate AR, but rather a 1-ip-sized AR with the different MAC address we want); I just commented on 4992 with some thoughts. Let me know what you think,



I have also included more feedback in and yes probably you can include several ARs with “almost” the same conf but different MACs and OpenNebula should use one or another depending on the VM template request.
The only issue is that you should take care if several VM templates are requesting different ARs with the same IP but different MACs… I dont know if OpenNebula will be able to detect that kind of IP/MAC conflicts…