Networking - Templates and Static IP's

I have a VM set that has/must have static IP’s in order for the combined set to work. I’ve removed the VMware nic from the template but I cant seem to get the contexulation to assign the static IP to the VM’s on book. If I create a VM range, it assigns a IP to the guest but that’s not what I need.

To complicate things. I need this to be able to work as a service so students can deploy XXX sets and each set will be isolated from each other… with Open Nebula 5.x am I better off using the new Virtual Routers for each set (or pfsense etc) ?

the backend is Vmware 6.0/vCenter Server if that helps…

Were you able to find a solution for this problem?

Hello, what about using IPAM (external IP address manager). IPAM Driver