I am asking for tips on how to implement the network in test environments.

I’m new to Open Nebula, but I thought it would be a good tool for my automated test environment purposes.
The ideal solution would be if a whole group of servers could be launched from templets with predefined static IP addresses, and then such a group of VM’s could be launched again with the same list of static IP addresses. It would be good if both and subsequent groups of such VM’s could be assigned to subsequent IP addresses. Can anyone advise how to implement such a network configuration in openNebula, and what elements to use?

Hi @godzu :wave:! Welcome to the OpenNebula Community!

The recommended approach is to set any static IP you want in the CONTEXT section. On the latest context release we added this feature (previously you could do so with START and INIT script functionality). Look for the parameter ETHx_IP in the Context Section documentation.

You shouldn’t manually manage the VM networking or at least if you intend to do so, make it dependent on a post one-context systemd/init service execution.