New add-on storpool

Dear OpenNebula developers

We are working on a new add-on for integration with StorPool[1] storage. It is developed on OpenNebula 4.10 and just finished testing on 4.12 beta. The supported features are as follows:

Datastore – all common image operations including: define the datastore; create, import images from Marketplace, clone images

Virtual Machines – instantiate a VM with raw disk images on an attached StorPool block device, stop, suspend, start, migrate, migrate-live, snapshot-hot of VM disk.

The add-on is implemented by writing StorPool drivers for datastore_mad and tm_mad and a patch to sunstone’s datastores-tab.js for UI.

We would be very grateful if you could create an add-on project for the StorPool integration.

StorPool is distributed data storage software running on standard x86 servers. StorPool aggregates the performance and capacity of all drives into a shared pool of storage distributed among the servers. Within this storage pool the user creates thin-provisioned volumes that are exposed to the clients as block devices. StorPool consists of two parts wrapped in one package - a server and a client. The StorPool server allows a hypervisor to act as a storage node, while the StorPool client allows a hypervisor node to access the storage pool and act as a compute node.

We already have a pipeline of customers who would benefit from this integration so it is in our best interest to keep the add-on in sync and compatible with all feature releases of OpenNebula and StorPool.

Best Regards,
Anton Todorov

Great news!

I’ve just created a repository under the OpenNebula organization umbrella and given your github user administration permissions:

You can take a look at the addon guidelines and maybe check some of the addons for ideas on how to organize it. Just ask us if you have any doubt or something is not working.

After the code is up I’ll check if there’s something that can be improved will add it to the addons catalog.


Dear developers,

I just pushed the initial add-on for StorPool integration in

Please review and comment on issues,improvements or if something is not clear.

We are planning to add support for the system datastore by creating TM_MAD drivers: context, mkimage and mkswap but I need an advise how to proceed with the paches. Is it a good idea to clone the project in our company github repo and prepare pull requests with patches for review and comment before merging to OpenNebula/addon-storpool project?

Best Regards,
Anton Todorov

Is it a good idea to clone the project in our company github repo and prepare pull requests with patches for review and comment before merging to OpenNebula/addon-storpool project?

Well actually a branch in the addon-storpool github repo looks a little bit easier.

Anton Todorov

Yes, I think it’s better to work on a branch than in two repositories. You are the administrators of the repository so feel free to use the best method for you.

I’ll take a look at the repository and will point out any suggestions.

I’ve just checked the repository and looks great! I’ve just added it to the addons catalog.

Just some remarks:

  • Repository description is empty. Setting it to “OpenNebula StorPool Storage Driver” will make finding it easier from the GitHub search box.
  • We also have to change this in the other addons. As we changed from the mailing list the links to support and development should be:

Thank you!

Oh, almost forgot. If you want to create a blog post in our web page describing the addon and its benefits just tell me and I’ll create you a user.


Great news!

I just updated the addon-storpool project to comply with your comments.

I think in the addon catalog there is probably copy/paste issue with Doc pointing to addon-nodejs/ instead of addon-storpool/ .

Our marketing will be happy to prepare short description of the benefits that I will post to your blog, so please create a user and provide your blog posting guidelines if exists to comply with them.

Best Regards,
Anton Todorov

My bad. The web page is now changed.

I’ve also created a new user in the blog, you should have received an email with the user and password. As an example of article you can check these ones:

You can go as technical as you want. It’s mainly an introduction to the technology and the integration with OpenNebula.

Tell me if you find any trouble or have doubts.