no bootable device when using marketplace things

edit, fixed this, turns out i wasnt including the kernel, downloading this seperately aswell as installing the firecracker files and removing the kvm files on the host im using for testing fixed this issue, the kernel files were available from the marketplace under open nebula public, i needed to configure this under the vm once the template was deployed then set the parameters required for the host

Hello all,
I have been stuck on this one for around a week now.
If I try to add either any sort of image, docker or opennebula public via the marketplace, the download will either error out or if it downloads, i set it up within a template, instantiate the image and when booted get an error of “no bootable device”
if I add my own image into nebula, i dont get this error and the vm works fine.

Any suggestions on how to begin to diagnose this? I cant see anything useful tailing the logs under var/log/one

added note, ive had another ubuntu image from the public marketplace trying to create a vm for a few hours not and its stuck on pending, seems like the problems are all related