ONe 5 labels: restrictions and access rights


I am looking at ONe 5.0 labels now: so far it seems to me that any user can create a label and other users can see it. In the examples and 5.0 release notes, there are labels denoting the operating system of a particular VM (Linux/CentOS, etc.). I would like to use labels to disinguish between purely experimental VMs, short-term compute-intensive VMs, and long-term production VMs. This would mean making at least some of the labels restricted (think label “production”), so that it cannot be set by ordinary users.

Can some labels be restricted for some users only? Either for oneadmin, or for group admins.



Nope, sorry.

In a way they are similar to the resource’s description or name. You can’t prevent your users setting an image or template name to “production”.

OK, thanks for clarification. So how do people mark their production VMs to distinguish them from temporary ones? Put them into another cluster? I don’t want that - I want the load to be distributed evenly, if possible.