ONE 6.4 FireEdge Sunstone interface

I am still trying to understand the new multi-stage configuration interface, so excuse me if I am wondering about something obvious.

When using the VM template editing interface, how to add custom contextualisation vars? Like “SET_HOSTNAME” in the old sunstone. The last stage in the wizard named “Custom vars” is placing them as general variables, not contextualisation ones. And the contextualisation section in the “Advanced options” step (the second stage) has an interface for user inputs only…

Also, does the “Labels” handling differ? There is no editor interface, no locking, etc.

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Hello @atodorov_storpool,

Thanks for the feedback! Very much appreciated that you have tested the new FireEdge Sunstone.

We are working yet to implement some main features that are present on Ruby Sunstone, like OneFlow Services and labels, in this initial version.

Similar comments relating to the Custom Contextualization Vars, we will add them to the CONTEXT section on the VM Template form, probably in the next 6.4.1 release.

If you have more recommendations, I would appreciate the feedback.