Custom contextualization varible is empty in vRouter

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Hi, I’m trying to “develop” a vRouter but using pfSense as base. So far I have managed to allow myself to change several variables (but none of them custom) from the instantiation and thus make the contextualization works flawlessly.

The thing is when I try to use a custom variable from the instantiaton moment. The following pict show the way I add a new variable (called SET_DOMAIN) using the Wizard:

And now, when I try to instantiate the vRouter in the usual way, I choose the pfSense template I have been working on, and it allows me to change the custom variable

In the pfSense vRouter I created a cronjob that every 2 mins check “manually” run the contextualization process and if there is any difference then apply some changes. The thing is that this custom variables is totally empty, so there is something I have been missing and I’m not able to see the big picture here.

The following picture shows the custom variable being totally empty:

Could someone throw me a bone on this topic?

Versions of the related components and OS (frontend, hypervisors, VMs):

Steps to reproduce:
Create a vRouter template using a pfSense with opennebula contextualization package (for FreeBSD) installed as base, using the Wizard go to the Context > User input section, add a custom variable and try to fill that variable’s context while instantiating the vRouter. You will get the variable empty :frowning:

Current results:
Custom variable empty

Expected results:
Custom variable with content