How to get rid of the pre-seted contextualization variables in vRouter creation process?

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I’m trying to create a vRouter using pfSense as base, so far is partially contextualizated (I mean, from the Sunstone you can tweak several items (NICs, IPs, and so on) and the pfSense will recognize them and apply the changes).

I would be glad if I could get rid of the marked items in the following picture:

I have being trying to change some of the variables in the vRouter template, but this stuff are marked in iron in the Sunstone code or something. So: how can I get rid of those unnecesary (for my appliance) perks?

Versions of the related components and OS (frontend, hypervisors, VMs):

Steps to reproduce:
Try to delete unnecesary features in the vRouter creation process

Current results:
Not being able to success

Expected results:
Being able to change whatever I want