How to modify vRouter template?

Hi guys. I have been working in the last few days in a pfSense contextualization script, so far I’m able to change, trought contextualization:

  • NIC interfaces IP/mask
  • hostname
  • domain
  • reset password to default

Altought I know it’s not much, I’m happy with what I have now, and I would like to use the pfSense image I have been using as vRouter template… I can, indeed, use it as a vRouter, but when I will instantiate the vRouter I will like to change this options and use my own options and pass those options via contextualization to my pfSense vRouter:

There is little documentation about this topic (vRouter template). The most useful one was this, but it doesn’t helped me that much either: Contribution: Vrouter enhacements and load ballancing .

I would like something like the following when I would want to instantiate a new pfSense vRouter:

  • Is there any documentation where I can feed myself and achieve what I want?

  • Also, what are exactly the differences between vRouters and VMs?