[one.vm.diskresize] Cannot resize a disk with snapshots

On Resizing a Disk it gives "[one.vm.diskresize] Cannot resize a disk with snapshots"
Under “Snapshots” there are no Snapshots

Under Disk there is a Snapshot
Trying to delete gives "[one.vm.disksnapshotdelete] Cannot delete snapshot with children"
Trying to delete Children Snapshot gives “[one.vm.disksnapshotdelete] Cannot delete the active snapshot”

So, i just want to have a daily Snapshot und be able to resize the disk. Nothing special here.

Additional Question: The Snapshots are all stored in the One Main File of the Disk? I want a daily Snapshot and Backup it to remote Servers.

Versions of the related components and OS (frontend, hypervisors, VMs):
ONE 5.4.1 on Ubuntu 17.10
Host on Ubuntu 17.04
VM on Ubuntu 16.04.03 LTS

Steps to reproduce:

Current results:

Expected results:

Hi major7!

In current version 5.4.1, is not possible to resize a disk with disk-snapshot, we are seeing to add this possibility for next versions, but now it’s not possible.

If you want to add more space, you can attach a new disk.