Oned start error, : no version information available


I needed to restart ONE and unfortunately, the stats, VM information (name etc…) disappeared from sunstone.

I get the following error message when typing : one start as oneadmin :
/usr/bin/oned: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ no version information available (required by /usr/bin/oned)

In /var/log/one/oned.log, I see that the hosts and VMs are correctly monitored though :
Mon Jul 20 23:44:56 2015 [Z0][InM][D]: Host orthanc.local (13) successfully monitored.
Mon Jul 20 23:44:56 2015 [Z0][VMM][D]: VM 300 successfully monitored: NETRX=4372375661 USEDCPU=0 NETTX=168633569 USEDMEMORY=524288 STATE=a
Mon Jul 20 23:44:57 2015 [Z0][VMM][D]: VM 320 successfully monitored: NETRX=147635104223 USEDCPU=1 NETTX=129996132123 USEDMEMORY=5348072 STATE=a
Mon Jul 20 23:44:57 2015 [Z0][VMM][D]: VM 317 successfully monitored: NETRX=68068497216 USEDCPU=2 NETTX=49088534809 USEDMEMORY=5218304 STATE=a
Mon Jul 20 23:44:58 2015 [Z0][VMM][D]: VM 318 successfully monitored: NETRX=64880236349 USEDCPU=1 NETTX=47321781037 USEDMEMORY=5218304 STATE=a
Mon Jul 20 23:44:58 2015 [Z0][VMM][D]: VM 324 successfully monitored: NETRX=8610848152 USEDCPU=3 NETTX=24584906711 USEDMEMORY=2048000 STATE=a
Mon Jul 20 23:44:59 2015 [Z0][VMM][D]: VM 322 successfully monitored: NETRX=63281493742 USEDCPU=100 NETTX=44514341897 USEDMEMORY=5218304 STATE=a

Any thought ?

After some time, the info came up…

But the error is still occuring.

did you perform an upgrade of one packages ?

maybe a “onedb fsck” will help, or a “onehost sync”

Hello Roland,

Thanks for your help.

Indeed I upgraded OpenNebula and everything is working, except I get this message at ONE START.

onedb fsck and onehost sync didn’t solve this.