Onegate and standalone VM's

Hi all!

We try to use one gate for standalone vms without one flow, but during execution onegate vm show [VMID] or any other onegate command we catch error: ERROR: Empty or invalid SERVICE_ID.
The question is can we use one gate without oneflow services or it’s necessary? it’s not completely clear from the documentation

Please help advice!

We use opennebula 5.6

Hello @Leonid

You don’t need oneflow if you only wants to get vm information. But remember to start onegate server with the command onegate-server start. Also remember to change the ONEGATE_ENDPOINT in the oned.conf and in the VM you need to add onegate token (it can be done through Sunstone)

Hi, ahuertas!

Thanks for reply

I started opennebula-gate.service on my master node, edited the oned.conf and in contex cdrom I have token.txt file, but I can get only onegate vm show if I trying to use vmid as an argument I get an error.
I’m trying to found the way to reboot vm, if it catches kernel panic or BSOD. Is there any opportunity to do that with opennebula ?

Hello @Leonid

Yes, you can only use onegate vm show without ID, because the ID is the ID of the service, not the VM. I think there is no way to do that, you can take a look at VM hooks, but I think they won’t help you in that case.