[SOLVED] Onevm show does not work

Hello so I am trying to write a script using some of the opennebula tools commands and when I am trying to do a
onevm show $CVMID1 --user xxxx --endpoint xxx --password xxxx

I get this as output
not found.677
command show: argument 0 must be one of vmid

the 677 is part of my VM ID. And when i echo the VMID it gives me the correct value of my ID, what could be the problem here?

Fixed it myself, just started to use name of the vm as an attribute rather than ID. Although I don’t really know why ID did not work.


Any hint regarding the environment - version of OpenNebula, etc. should be handy. Current stable version of OpenNebula does not generate such output.

In any case the VM ID should be an integer value if it has other symbols it will try searching the names and will fail

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