OpenNebula 6.2 "Red Square" is Out! 🚀

OpenNebula 6.2 ‘Red Square’, featuring the beta of the new Sunstone GUI, is now available for download! :rocket: Kudos to all those members of the OpenNebula Community who have contributed to improve and test this amazing new version! :clap:

PS - As usual, the OpenNebula 6.2 codename refers to a nebula, in this case to the Red Square Nebula, which is a celestial object located in the area of the sky occupied by star MWC 922 in the constellation Serpens. It is notable for its square shape, which according to Sydney University astrophysicist Peter Tuthill, makes it one of the most nearly discrete-symmetrical celestial objects ever imaged. The splendor of the symmetry is what we are looking forward to in the new Sunstone, reborn from the candle lit by FireEdge :nerd_face:

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