OpenNebula 6.4 “Archeon” is Out! 🚀

OpenNebula 6.4 'Archeon’, featuring (among other improvements) the new FireEdge Sunstone and the support to the provisioning of Edge Clusters based on Ceph, is now available for download! :partying_face:

Many thanks to all those involved in the development, translation, and beta-testing of this new stable release of OpenNebula! :clap:

PS - As usual, the OpenNebula 6.4 codename refers to a nebula, in this case to the Archeon Nebula, located in the Lothal sector of the Outer Rim Territories—a beautiful body of interstellar clouds where stars are born and which provides a popular hyperscape route for smugglers traversing the continuum towards the edge of the Star Wars universe :nerd_face:


:heart_eyes: FireEdge Sunstone is out and about!

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Its Working Yes GIF

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Thanks a lot.

I suppose that the latest Ubuntu LTS 22.04 will be supported soon?

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No ETA yet, but yes, both OpenNebula CE and EE 6.4.1 will come with packages for the new Ubuntu 22.04 :nerd_face: