OpenNebula 6 and the VMRC

I am currently experimenting a bit with OpenNebula 6 and vmware.
I love that OpenNebula 6 has the VMRC console built in, but I’m having some issues with it unfortunately.
For example: When I use a web console in my vSphere client which should be identical to OpenNebula’s console, OpenNebula uses an English keyboard layout. In the vmware Web Console in the same browser the layout is correct.
In previous version of vSphere I also had this issue and therefore always used the installed vmware Remote Console. Is there a possibility to use the installed Remote Console in OpenNebula instead of the Web Console ?
In Sunstone when the VMRC view is open there is an “open in new Window” button in the top right corner. Does this button lead to an “about:blank#blocked” page in the browser only for me ?

Hi @Mr_S ,

Thanks for the feedback! Very appreciated that you have tested OpenNebula 6.0 and I hope you continue to enjoy it.

We are preparing some changes for the next release (6.0.1) on VMRC and the other remote connections. Among them, the errors that you comment:

  • Open in the new window button
  • keyboard layout switcher

You can follow the progress on this github ticket.


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