Opennebula 6.6.0 VMRC console

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about VMRC console

  1. is it possible to switch “open in a new window” on and off somehow? in older version it was in the same window, and you could click the red X to exit the console
  2. is it possible to disable the display being refreshed several times to adjust resolution?

thank you

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About 1, we will take this into account for FireEdge Sunstone

About 2, is this also happening in FireEdge Sunstone?

about 2 : i only tested via sunstone

about the closing of the window, i’ve added a button myself by editing the vmrc.erb file
i’ve also noticed that this file contains the behavior of the auto-resize of the vm’s console. can you tell me where can i disable it in this file?
vmrc.erb (7.0 KB)